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#239 Ask the Expert: Influence with Connson Chou Locke

Season 2

In this episode, Helen talks to lecturer, psychologist and author, Connson Chou Locke about Influence. Together they discuss influence issues and assumptions, whether you can fake it, if you don’t feel it and the most effective things you can do to improve how you think, feel and act with influence.This Ask the Expert series is supported by the Uncertainty Experts. You can find out more and sign up to be part of series one here: https://uncertaintyexperts.com/. Listeners can use the code ‘Squiggly’ to get a discount on tickets.To download the PodSheet for this episode, head to https://www.amazingif.com/listen/To sign-up for PodMail, our weekly summary of tools and catch-up on PodPlus head to https://mailchi.mp/squigglycareers/podmailFor questions, feedback or just to say hello, you can email us at [email protected]

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