Alabama HoneyKomb Brazy Fears For His Life In Prison: They Might Kill Me!!

Alabama rapper HoneyKomb Brazy thinks his life is in danger in the prison he’s in.

“I’m at limestone correctional facility, I been here 9 day and they shook me down 5 times already. This a racist camp and the polices been calling me out my name and calling me all types of n*ggas,” he wrote.

“I’m in lockup right now with no disciplinary write up or no explanation. I ain’t really complaining about my situation, but I do wanna bring awareness to my family and fans on what’s going on. They woke me up at 2am this morning and strip searched me and through [sic] me in the lockup cell with no mat, blanket, or nothing and made me sleep on the floor. I said that to let everybody know I ain’t finna keep going for this sh*t,” he continued.

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