All my mentoring sessions have empowered me to become an autonomous learner


My name is Sendhil Kumar V. I am a dedicated person with a family of three. I enjoy reading and traveling. I have 14+ years of IT experience. I am currently a Tech Lead for the Testing & Automation team working for a leading UK-based Bank. I have a Master’s degree in Computer Applications. I love trying new things, creating new methods, and introducing new ideas both in my personal life and job every day. Read further to learn more about my journey with Great Learning’s PGP Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course.

Before I joined the PG program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, I was working as an engineer in the directory services engineering team in my previous job role. I spent most of my idle time being a stay-at-home parent during the initial covid lockdown period.

With lots of restructuring happening within my organization, the fear of staying industry-relevant was growing very strongly within me. I felt the need to upskill myself to one of the hot technologies that were the buzzword at my workplace, and I decided to learn Data Science since I’m naturally big data-savvy. After an extensive search on the web and talking to a few industry experts and friends, I was convinced that Great Learning’s AIML PG program in collaboration with UT Austin will be an ideal learning partner to choose for my much-needed career growth.

Right from day one of the course, the quality of the online training content is exemplary, and the structure of the whole program with a combination of mentoring sessions during weekends and online pre-recorded training videos available 24/7 has helped me in gearing up my knowledge in this Data Science field.

The mentors serve as thought partners for learners like me on our journey. All my mentoring sessions have empowered me to become an autonomous learner. I take this chance to thank my mentors for all their time and help, which has made this learning possible for me. The importance of mentors is undeniable. They can help to guide, direct, and shape our present situation and future opportunities for the better. My Mentors have shared their knowledge and experience with me so that I can learn from their experience. I can now apply these tricks and nuances of trade in my Data Science field of work soon.

Confidence & Passion is something that I can easily say that I have accomplished from my newly learned skill sets. I am about to make a huge career transition soon. I can assure everyone that this one PG course stands apart from every other in the market.

My advice to my fellow learners is – Have patience and be persistent in their learning journey. Keep asking questions and look for answers everywhere on practical applications of the concepts.


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