Amazon kicks off a hot new round of killer Black Friday deals on Anker charging accessories

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Amazon kicks off a hot new round of killer Black Friday deals on Anker charging accessories

Remember when Black Friday used to be, well, just one day a year? Those were the times… to get trampled to death while desperately trying to catch the last TV bargain that you didn’t really need. 

Nowadays, of course, most of the holiday shopping takes place online over an extended period of time ranging from a few days to several weeks at certain major US retailers and device manufacturers. That can sometimes open the door to the possibility of rushing and scoring a deal too early when better ones might be right around the corner.

But if you resisted the temptation of purchasing any of the discounted Anker chargers and power banks from earlier this week, you’ll be happy to see the company join forces with Amazon on an arguably more compelling and more extensive sale on popular charging accessories. 
Strictly speaking from a discount percentage perspective, you’re looking at one of the overall best Amazon Black Friday 2021 promotions going on as we write this piece, with available price cuts ranging from as “little” as 30 to as much as 56 percent.

One of the sale’s headliners is undoubtedly the diminutive Anker Nano II 65W wall charging powerhouse, setting you back $23.50 less than its usual price of $54.99 with USB Type-C connectivity for everything from MacBooks to Android handsets, iPhones and iPads.

If you want a massively reduced portable charger marketed as an actual PowerHouse, Amazon has just the thing on sale at a whopping 90 bucks slashed off its $199.99 MSRP with ginormous 27,000mAh capacity, one blazing fast USB-C port, two traditional USB-A connectors, and even a 100W AC outlet included.

That can probably solve all your charging problems with no outside help, but if you’re looking to spend (a lot) less money than that on a good old fashioned power bank with a much lower degree of versatility, you can choose from 10,000 and 26,800mAh options available at huge discounts of around 40 percent of their own.

Alternatively, you can go for a combination of a 26,800mAh PD 45W PowerCore+ portable charger and 60W PD wall charger or a similar but faster 25,600mAh 87W/65W USB-C bundle at $53.50 and $62 less than usual respectively.

Curiously enough, wireless charging enthusiasts don’t have a lot of options to choose from, although the 10W Anker PowerWave Pad at a 56 percent markdown is unbeatable in terms of affordability while the 4-in-1 PowerWave Stand is essentially as versatile as these things come, costing a cool 50 bucks less than its regular $119.99 price. That’s not all Amazon and Anker are partnering on this Black Friday, but we’ll let you discover the rest of the killer holiday deals yourselves by clicking this link right here.

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