Best bullet hell games for Android

Our list includes the best shmup, Danmaku and Manic Shooters (or whatever else you want to call them!), or as we like to call them bullet hell games for Android devices. From retro pixelized art style, to clean 3D graphics and from spacecraft to airplanes, there’s something for everyone!

Bullet Hell is a term used to describe a sub-genre of shoot ’em up (shmups) games where enemies fire projectile attacks that fill up most of the screen. In order to survive, players must dodge the incoming waves. Usually, upon clearing a stage, a boss battle takes place where the attack patterns become even more complex.

The Japanese word for this genre of games is ‘Danmaku’, which translates to ‘Barrage’, or ‘Bullet Curtain’. ‘Manic Shooters’ is another term used to describe this type of game.

Even though it might seem like an impossible task at the start, the key is to memorize and quickly recognize the attack patterns of your enemies, so you can move your character accordingly. Of course, it’s easier said than done, and these games require quick reflexes, but more importantly, they require you to remain calm at all times. If you enjoy games in this genre, just keep playing and practising to improve your skills!  

Some of the most influential games of the genre are considered to be Batsugun, DonPachi, Touhou Project and Ikaruga.

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