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Nest Wifi Mounts
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Google’s Nest Wifi router and point are popular mesh Wi-Fi solutions thanks to their compact size, solid speeds, and great software. The key to building a strong and efficient mesh system is to place the nodes in the most optimal places in your home. This sometimes means you won’t have a good place to put the node, and leaving it on the floor is bad for signal. These great Nest Wifi mounts can help keep your home tidy while improving your signal and home network performance.

Wasserstein AC Outlet Nest Wifi Mount

Maximize your space:
Wasserstein AC Outlet Mount

Staff pick

Wasserstein’s AC Outlet Mount requires a bit more assembly than others since you’ll need to remove the existing outlet cover plate. Once installed, however, this mount is capable of holding your Nest WiFi or anything weighing seven pounds without putting a single hole in your drywall. Best of all, you’ll still have easy access to the other outlet after the cable has been stowed away.

$9 at Amazon

Delidigi Wall Mount Bracket Nest Wif

Simple bracket:
Delidigi Wall Mount Bracket

The Delidigi Wall Mount Bracket provides a different approach to keeping your Nest Wifi tucked away and the cable hidden. This design allows you to wrap it beneath the mount, and then screw the mount itself into the wall. This model is available in black or white and enables more mounting options since you don’t need to rely on your outlet positioning.

$11 at Amazon

Wasserstein Wall Mount Google Nest Wifi

Put it anywhere:
Wasserstein Wall Mount for Nest Wifi Point

This mount is attached directly to the walls using standard hardware, meaning you don’t need to mess with covers or worry about outlet orientation. It’s compatible with the Nest Wifi point only, but it can be placed at any height, which allows you to place your Nest Wifi point where it works best rather than where an outlet is.

$8 at Amazon

Nest Wifi Point Genie Mount

For the Point:
Nest WiFi Point Genie

The Nest Wifi Point Genie offers a simple solution for keeping cables organized and the points out of harm’s way. Simply wrap the cable within the mount, install the point, and plug it into your outlet of choice. Unlike other outlet mounts, Mount Genie has included a dummy ground to add a bit more support to the unit in case your outlets don’t fully grip the plug.

$12 at Amazon

Mount Genie Easy Outlet Shelf Nest Wifi

Ultra versatile:
The Easy Outlet Shelf by Mount Genie

Mount Genie’s Easy Outlet Shelf is another option that requires you to tinker with your outlet’s cover plate. You’ll need to unscrew the existing cover plate ever so slightly, place the Outlet Shelf inside, and tighten the screws. Then, you’ll be able to place your Nest Wifi on top of the shelf and wrap the cable underneath.

$15 at Amazon

Aobelieve Wall Outlet Mount For Google Nest Wifi

Wherever you need it:
Aobelieve Wall Outlet Mount for Google Nest WiFi Router

This Aobelieve mount can be hung directly from your power outlet or mounted to the wall. While tool-less outlet mounting is very easy, not everyone’s outlets will grip the Nest Wifi’s power adapter tightly enough to hold the unit reliably. Luckily, the bottom portion of this mount can be detached and mounted directly to the wall if it turns out your outlets aren’t up to the task.

$13 at Amazon

How should you mount your Nest Wifi?

There is no “right” answer to the question posed above. While there are benefits to mounting your router, many people will be happy to put their Nest Wifi on a shelf or desk. As with all of the best mesh Wi-Fi systems you can add more points down the line if you find coverage still isn’t cutting it. If you haven’t bought your mesh system yet, you might consider another brand as well such as TP-Link and Eero, which both offer compact extender-like mesh nodes.

If you’re just looking to get your Nest Wifi up and out of the way, the Wasserstein AC Outlet Mount is a sensible pick since it mounts securely without drilling any holes and can be used with any other device that’s the right size and weight. If you live in an apartment, you can use this mount without risking your security deposit on drywall screws. Just make sure you have access to your circuit breaker so you can turn off the power to the outlet before working on it.

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