Black Friday PC cooler deal: Get the EK-AIO Basic for $82.44

Shopping for the best CPU cooler probably isn’t the sexiest way to spend this Black Friday, but it’s still very important. Just like a good quality PSU, the best AIO cooler for CPUs won’t give you much in terms of extra frames, but they’re extremely important for building a solid PC that will actually work. And speaking of the best processor frostiness money can buy, the EK-AIO Basic 240 is, in our opinion, and it’s been nicely discounted to $82.44

If you’ve not heard of EK, all you need to know is that it focuses on components that just work. No extras or over-the-top RGB. Most of the time, anyways. Some of its liquid cooling loop components are a bit extra, but classy nonetheless. It’s something that certainly appeals to me as an RGB-phobe, until I realised that the most important thing was that my AIO matched my Corsair keyboard and mouse when I came to my new PC build, naturally. 

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