Data | Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh continue to face vaccine supply crunch despite wasting minimal doses

Tamil Nadu extracted the most extra doses between May 1 and July 13, the highest in the country

States such as Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar continue to experience a crunch in their COVID-19 vaccine supply, while Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Uttarakhand are enjoying a relatively better stock position. Among the States experiencing a crunch, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh have wasted minimal doses, while Tamil Nadu has extracted the most extra doses. Moreover, India’s vaccine utilisation rate is about 93% on July 20.

■ Tamil Nadu has extracted 5,88,243 extra doses between May 1 and July 13, the highest in the country, which forms 3.91% of the doses supplied to the State by July 20.

■ As the State-wise split of public and private vaccine doses received and administered was not available, an accurate State-wise utilisation rate could not be computed. However, India’s overall rate of 93% indicates that the usage will hover over that number in most States.

Share of potential doses

The slope graph shows the % of the population that can be potentially administered with at least one dose of the vaccine, with the supply available at three different time periods — May 11, June 9 and July 20. Data doesn’t include vaccines supplied to private hospitals.

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Utilisation percentage

While the wastage of doses is low across most States, the utilisation of supplied doses is also very high. Of all the vaccines supplied to the States by the Centre, 93% have been utilised as on July 20. The State-wise split of the utilisation % could not be depicted due to inconsistent data.

Wastage factor

The table lists the extra vaccine doses extracted as a % of supply on July 20 and the absolute number of doses wasted by select States. Tamil Nadu tops the States in extra doses extracted, followed by Kerala and West Bengal.

Source: Lok Sabha, Health Ministry

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