Emini Methods: Some recent updates

This is just a brief note about some recent changes that have taken place on my e-mini futures site and on this blog. 

My website has just been updated with some new information after about two years of hiatus; you may need to reload (refresh) pages in your browser if they appear not updated. I have also extended my domain with GoDaddy for two more years.  

As I mentioned in one of the recent posts here, I don’t expect my site to be updated more than a few times a year. Most of my online publishing activity has now shifted to this blog and to my Twitter feed.  

A new page has been added to this blog. It’s about my Twitter feed. Twitter is the Internet media platform that I am likely to post most frequently, so you may as well follow me there if you are interested in trading matters, especially related to trading e-mini futures markets. 

I have been on Twitter since 2007, have accumulated over 8000 tweets. I especially recommend that you visit the media section of my feed. It was very busy between 2013 and 2016, having accumulated about 2000 screenshots of the kind that a trader and especially a newbie trader should find rather interesting. 

Some things I was planning for this year did not happen, mostly due to Covid 19, a major economic and social disruptor of 2020. I was hoping its effects would be more limited, lasting perhaps 3-6 months. Alas, we will probably not be entirely free of this plague until the second quarter of 2021, and even that is somewhat optimistic. 

Still, what I have not accomplished in 2020 will only get postponed to 2021. That includes a new, upgraded version of KING, all custom indicators for this e-mini futures day trading methodology, and a forum for KING users, if there is enough interest for it. Also, my site that is now being updated, will become fully up-to-date in the first quarter of 2021, if not in the first month of 2021. 

In other words, I want to have my site and my business fully operational as soon as possible, and that means in the first few months of 2021. I say so also in this recent article on my site that addresses some of major changes on my site and in my business that I recommend your attention. 

Let us hope that 2021 is vastly better than 2020. No one, probably, expected 2020 to be as bad as it turned out to be, but life is not always as smooth and predictable as we would like it to be. Luckily, major pandemics don’t happen that often, and the next one is less likely to cause as much disruption as Covid has for we are now better prepared for it. Or, so one hopes.  

Have a very happy holiday season and the greatest New Year possible. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this traditional family holiday. 

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