God’s Legacy: Alchemist is an idle RPG similar to AFK Arena, out now in select countries on Android

God’s Legacy: Alchemist is a brand new super-casual RPG set in a world of swords and magic that consists of hundreds of heroes. It has been developed by Studio Dois Private Limited, who has also produced an action game called Project Dream.

Game features

God’s Legacy: Alchemist will allow players to form a powerful team of heroes who belong to six distinct positions. They are Sacrificer, Mage, Guardian, Assassin, Fighter, and Marksmen. The heroes can be chosen from among six factions and twelve different families.

A huge variety of game modes will be available. Players will have to fight against all kinds of bosses in PvE to obtain daily rewards and PvP battles to claim ranking awards. Extra bonuses can be earned as well through the brand new Tower of Babel mode.

It features 3D cartoon heroes and exquisite battle scenes to provide the ultimate battle experience. God’s Legacy: Alchemist also has a special FULL-AUTO mode that gathers resources even when the game is closed.

All the heroes will have distinct alchemy attributes, with the six alchemy elements being earth, water, fire, dark, and light. Each of these will also have faction advantages.

Players will be able to explore the magic land, where the continents of Agrippa are divided into five blocks and hundreds of cities. There are Wastelands, Jungles, Sand Deserts, Marshes, Seas, and Volcanoes waiting for the players to explore.

Game download

God’s Legacy: Alchemist is currently only available for Android in Mexico, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Bulgaria. It is also worth noting that the game’s APK version is not available at the moment, and players would have to use a VPN to download and play the game.


If you are looking for a visually pleasing RPG that offers many options to explore various places and a huge collection of different heroes to choose for thrilling battles, then God’s Legacy: Alchemist looks to be an attractive option.
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