How It All Started: Fairlane Talks Upbringing and Emergence Into the Electronic Music Scene –

Canadian electronic producer Fairlane has been musical for most of his life. 

At a very young age, his parents had him enrolled in piano classes, where he first got a taste of music and performing. Unfortunately, it was a bitter memory, as Fairlane recalls making a minor mistake during a piano recital when he was 10 years old.

“I vowed to never perform music again,” he tells

Eventually, Fairlane got over that mishap and went on to play in a band. However, there was one small problem: he did not know how to read sheet music. “I’ve always learned everything by ear,” he explained. “I had the same problem with piano. I would just practice and memorize it and so I froze up when I went to read music because I was unable to read the music.”

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