Jerry Seinfeld gets discretionary trading

I am a yuge Seinfeld fan.

His eponymous show is by far the best sitcom ever, if you ask me. And perhaps even the best TV show ever. Definitely in the top ten TV shows of all time.

While I am hardly a Seinfeld fanboi, I do like to watch a video or two that features Jerry if I come across of it/them. Not only is it usually enjoyable, but sometimes may also provoke you to deeper, unexpected reflections. What’s more, these reflections may even happen to be related to trading.

For instance, check out this video that shows an interview with Jerry and George (not this George, Seinfeld’s famous sidekick, but Stephanopoulos) in main roles.

Feel free to watch the video in its entirety, but pay special attention between 2:35 to 3:05 minute of its running time. This is the part at the end of which Jerry says: “98 percent is the way you do it.” 

See, he gets it. He gets discretionary trading. That’s how it really is. Every discretionary trader has his own unique style and that’s how he gets much of his trading edge. 

The other part comes from strategies that have been demonstrated to serve well traders, and not just any traders, but discretionary ones. KING, an e-mini futures day trading course and discretionary trading methodology, is what fills the bill in this regard better than most trading methodologies out there because most of the other methodologies are not even advertised as methodologies for discretionary trading. 

And while we at it, a brief reminder that I am now offering a very special special on KING related to some special occasion that does not happen even every decade (and that’s not necessarily Covid, though this has unfortunately been quite a special event recently too).

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