Lord of the Rings studio, Weta, is making a game based on “major worldwide IP”

The studio responsible for the effects and props in the Lord of the Rings, Avatar and Shang-Chi films – Weta Workshop – has revealed that its gaming division is working on a new project in a “major worldwide IP.”

As reported over at GameSpot, a job ad for a producer role at the Weta Workshop gaming division has cropped up online, and as per the text in the ad, the studio is currently working on a game drawing from “an incredibly rich and inspiring license.”

“We’re looking for a Producer to help us develop cutting edge games,” says the Weta Workshop ad. “Our next PC release is an incredibly rich and inspiring license that will fill fans and players around the world with delight. Sound interesting?”

The job is based in Wellington, New Zealand, where the studio was established back in 2012. Despite the wording above that mentions only a PC release, the successful game producer candidate will “help [Weta] deliver [its] next PC and console game project with a major worldwide IP that is very close to [its] hearts.”

Weta hasn’t publically announced the project yet; this job ad is so far all we have to go on. Could this be a Lord of the Rings game? Maybe. Given that Amazon is hard at work on a Lord of the Rings series for Amazon Prime, it’d make sense for some sort of game project to tie in with the project.

Just two weeks ago, Unity purchased Peter Jackson’s VFX studio (Weta Digital) for an eye-watering $1.6 billion. Could this new partnership with the company be part of the reason we’re starting to see more gaming activity from the studio? It remains to be seen.

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