Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 14 Specs Contradict, Google Pixel Fold Has A Name & More! (video)

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Again, there’s no official news today but let’s kick things off talking about the Galaxy S22 Series. For starters, how about if we begin with the leader of the pack. That Galaxy S22 Ultra which just went through Geekbench. We get to see the model number and the fact that it’s rocking the expected 12 Gigs of RAM. Moving on from benchmarks, we also got a new tweet from Ice Universe claiming that all three Galaxy S22 models will bring a new version of Gorilla Glass. We don’t really get specifics on how it’ll change, but it seems the name at least will be Gorilla Glass Victus Plus. That said, the tweet doesn’t confirm if the glass will be used on both sides of the phone like we got with the S21 Ultra but, if it does, the added durability will be certainly appreciated. There’s also some conflicting rumors saying that Exynos is being delayed due to some issues and that the Snapdragon variant will reign supreme, even if Sammy continues to claim we shouldn’t worry about not getting their new chip, as if anyone would ever celebrate that. Let’s see how it goes.

Let’s shift gears on to Apple, and their plans with the upcoming iPad Pros. Last year we got a report from Mark Gurman and Debby Wu that claimed that Cupertino was working on bringing wireless charging capabilities to a new iPad Pro that would be released in 2022. Now, we have a new report from 9to5Mac that claims that Apple might have scrapped the back glass design after testing due to concerns of remaining on Zack’s shelf of shame. What’s interesting though is that instead, it seems Apple has developed some iPad Pro prototypes that feature a larger Apple logo made of glass, and the plan here is it would allow for wireless charging. With one of the prototypes even featuring MagSafe with the stronger magnets that would prevent it from accidental damage and of course, allow for faster charging speeds. The problem is that these are just prototypes and you never know where Apple might go but, the report does mention that the iPad is still on track to feature wireless charging, we’re just not sure on how the end product is going to implement it. How do you guys feel about an iPad with wireless charging on the Apple Logo? I think it’s a pretty cool idea if the charger comes in the box.

Moving on, let’s talk about Google and the Pixel Fold as it’s starting to get a bit more traction. Yesterday we talked about the animations in Android 12L that showed that the design would look more like the OPPO Find N instead of the Z Fold 3, but now we get some more details on its name and price tag. According to a new report from 9to5Google, one of their sources claims that the device could be named the Pixel Notepad, and it’ll actually be cheaper than the competition. According to them, “Notepad” is currently the working brand name but “Logbook” was previously in consideration. Besides that name, the source also mentioned that this foldable would cost less than the 1800 bucks we pay for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It’ll also reportedly be limited at launch, kind of like the Pixel 4a was last year as it initially just launched in the States and then expanded to other countries. Finally, we also hear that it won’t bring high end cameras like the Pixel 6 Series but it’ll still be powered by the tensor chip. Now I don’t know about you but I won’t believe it until I see the hands-on video we should be getting right about now.

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk about Cupertino once again, and the iPhone 14 Series but don’t worry, this one’s not about the notch. We have a new report from Jeff Pu shedding some more light on what we can expect when it comes to specifications. On a previous report he mentioned that the 14 Pro models would feature 8 Gigs of RAM but now he claims that won’t be the case. Based on a new “supply chain check” he expects all four iPhone 14 models to bring 6 Gigs of RAM due to cost considerations, which by the way, is pretty much what we’re getting today at least on the Pro Models. Pu also agrees with other reports claiming that these more expensive variants will bring a 48MP main camera and that they will start at 256 Gigs of storage instead of the 128 we’re currently getting. On another positive note, he also claims that all models will feature 120Hz displays with ProMotion. That said, he expects that the regular models will start at 64 instead of 128 Gigs, which I’m gonna call completely bogus. We’ve never seen Apple take a step back in storage. Pu has a shaky track record but, these rumors go along with what Ming Chi Kuo mentioned earlier so let’s take these with a grain of salt. And I wonder if the added storage is directly related to those 48MP cameras that’ll reportedly enable 8K video.

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