Pushpa: The Rise Ending Explained

It’s actually been a while since this movie released, with the worldwide release being 17th Dec 2021, and it even went on to become the highest earning movie of 2021. However, Pushpa: The Rise is catching on in popularity now, in theaters as well as having exclusive digital rights with Amazon Prime Video. The Telugu language film has also been dubbed now in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi.

I watched the movie just a couple of nights ago and I realised I was quite late to join the fun, but it’s still causing quite a buzz around the country, and on social media too. In fact, it’s getting on overseas as well, with Australian cricket David Warner also posting an Instagram reel on one of the film’s taglines.

Pushpa: The Rise Ending Explained

South Indian megastar and icon star Allu Arjun has once again proved how he’s not just one of the best from the South but one of the better actors in the country right now. He knows how to do the action scenes, the romance, the dance numbers, and even has good comic timing. What more do you need in an actor?!

Pushpa: The Rise Plot

Here, he’s taken up the role of a coolie/labourer who goes the route of smuggling in order to make some money and a good living for himself and his mother. Despite being portrayed as a villager and poor citizen in the movie, he’s managed to give us the feels of a true ‘HERO’ in this 2-hour and 55-minute action thriller. 

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The story is about smuggling of red sandalwood and how Allu (Pushparaju) goes on to make a name and a fortune doing so over the years. However, viewers seemed to be a little confused about the Pushpa: The Rise ending. Firstly, let us confirm why it was an abrupt ending. This was planned as Pushpa Part 1 and there’s a Part 2 coming soon, where the new inspector (Shekhawat) is all set to be his new enemy.

From the three Reddy brothers, one was killed, one was incapacitated and the third has a new found respect for Pushpa, after he saved his life. Inspector Govindappa also got a transfer which means there’s a lot that has intentionally been held up for fans to get ready for Pushpa: The Rule (Part 2) where Shekhawat and senior syndicate dealer, Mangalam Srinu.

Pushpa: The Rise Ending Explained

Pushpa and Shekhawat were sitting on a hill top location and drinking when the former told the inspector the reasons why he kept quiet for him when he first insulted him and his mother. Talking about ‘value’ and a ‘stamp’ and him not having a father was a direct insult to the mother and that’s why Pushpa shot himself in the hand. Once the blood started flowing, Pushpa told Shekhawat that this blood is his father’s, that’s running within him.

They both then stripped and Pushpa rode off on a motorcycle, headed to his wedding venue wearing just his briefs. The whole act at the end was just to prove a point, and the point was received by the DSP, but he’s not going to take it lying low in Pushpa: The Rule. His wife asked if everything was alright and he mentioned that someone misunderstood Pushpa as a flower, and not as a fire!

Pushpa: The Rise trailer

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