Redmi Note 11S teased in quirky Tweet

Redmi Note 11 model teased in quirky Tweet

Xiaomi posted a rather cryptic Tweet today, teasing the imminent India release of the latest in the Redmi Note 11 series—and we’re guessing it’s the already anticipated Redmi Note 11S.

The Tweet depicts a mysterious render of the back of an upcoming Redmi Note device, cloaked in shadow, with distinct focus on its camera bump—which is barely visible in the corner. 
The label across the image reads: “New Note 1S Com1ng,” headed by a very cryptically written message declaring that “XX is coming. Are you XcIted for a Note-able step-up?” (where “XX” is replaced by the iota and alpha symbols from the Greek alphabet—which translates to none other than the number 11).

If we play around with the lighting in the image, as some users have already done, we can actually reveal quite a bit more detail around the camera and its specs.

With the saturation, brightness, and contrast tampered with a bit, the image reveals a clear label situated beneath the camera lens, which is entirely invisible in the original photo. It reads “108MP,” which is a revealing spec that has already been leaked for the Redmi Note 11S model, along with a refresh rate of 90Hz for the display.

Xiaomi continues its teasing banter down in the comment section of the Tweet, and although it hasn’t officially dropped the moniker “Redmi Note 11S” in black and white, there seems to be little left to the imagination already—given this and previous leaks.

According to earlier tips, the upcoming phone is said to be powered by a MediaTek 5G processor. And alongside the already-revealed 108MP sensor (expected to be Samsung HM2), rumors say the device should also include an 8MP Sony IMX355 ultra-wide lens, as well as a 2MP OV2A OmniVision macro lens. The selfie camera is rumored to feature 13MP to boot.

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