Save $120 on the Apple AirPods Max

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SAVE $120: If you’ve always wanted a pair of Apple’s AirPods Max but couldn’t justify their $549 price tag, today’s your lucky day. As of Nov. 8, Amazon had all five colors on sale for $429.98 — that’s their best price to date.

Never mind the new AirPods 3. (They’re not that great, anyway.) Last year’s over-ear AirPods Max are currently on sale on Amazon at their lowest price yet: $429.98.

That’s still a splurge for most of us, but keep in mind that these headhpones usually retail for $549 — and up until this point, they’ve never dipped below $479. (And just for comparison’s sake, they’re still stuck at that price at Best Buy; Target and the Apple Store itself have not put them on sale.)

Memes aside, the AirPods Max actually manage to “check off almost all the boxes for what makes an excellent pair of headphones,” said former Mashable tech reporter Brenda Stolyar: They sound fantastic, their battery will last you all day, their controls are intuitive, and they even look pretty cool. Plus, they come with “all the technology and features that have made Apple’s line of earbuds so successful,” she wrote (i.e., noise cancellation, a transparency mode, and spatial audio).

The only bone Stolyar had to pick with the AirPods Max was related to their fit: They’re way too big for people with small heads and glasses-wearers. Fortunately, you can return them until Jan. 31, 2022 under Amazon’s holiday return policy if they wind up feeling uncomfortable on your noggin.

Also! If Amazon’s supply happens to sell out, check Walmart: The sky blue AirPods Max were chilling at $429.98 there at the time of writing.

a green pair of airpods max

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