Thanksgiving eve open thread — Ask a Manager

My well-to-do brother & wife are once again hosting dinner at a lovely restaurant for the family. This consists of the two of them, my sister & her spouse, and my gang – our mother, plus my spouse and our adult daughter. I want nothing more than to stay home as I’m never, ever home alone. Plus my brother sets my teeth on edge.

But the meal will be delish, he’ll order some excellent wine, and the location is nearby so barely any travel. Just before we depart I’ll get my annual “Thanks for taking care of mom” comment/hug, and then I won’t see or hear from him again until next Thanksgiving. I guess that vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard takes a lot out of a fellow.

Seriously, I really really really just want to stay home. But a friend of mine who owns a restaurant is hosting an open house of sorts later in the day so I’m going to make her some holiday decor and go over there, hopefully by myself. Always something to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving all. For those with loving family, enjoy! And for those with something else, enjoy anyway – why let the turkeys get you down? 😉

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