The 512GB Mac mini is $149 off

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Save $149: The big savings are back for this little computer. For a limited time, the 512GB Mac mini is just $749.99 at Amazon — a 17% markdown — thanks to a $100 discount and $49 coupon applied at checkout.

Unfortunately, the M1X-powered Mac mini has yet to make its anticipated fall appearance.

Fortunately, the current Mac mini is only a year old and still a pretty powerful little machine. Plus, it’s returned to its lowest price ever, which we last saw over the summer. As of Nov. 3, you can grab the 512GB Mac mini for just $749.99 at Amazon with a $100 discount and $49 coupon applied automatically at checkout.

While we’re all well aware that an M1X chip packs a serious punch (trust us, we know), we’re also well aware that the Mac mini still does a pretty good job too — M1 power isn’t nothing, people. It can support you through high-def video edits or livestreams in 1080p, all without the tell-tale fan whirring that indicates your Mac is putting in the work.

With this sale, the mini is $1250 less than the cheapest M1X MacBook Pro, making it one of the most affordable entry points to the M1 world.

With all that said, of course there’s no such thing as the perfect computer. Since the RAM is built into this computer, once you buy the 8GB version, there’s no upgrading later on, unless you want to buy an entirely new computer. But as Mashable reporter Matt Binder noted in his review, “Many people who’ve gone with that 8GB base model Mac Mini M1 say it doesn’t run like any other computer they’ve used with only 8GB RAM.” So, there’s that.

As far as Black Friday deals go, Apple is notoriously a bit more, shall we say, stingy in their offerings, so it’s refreshing to see a Mac at 17% off. Factor that in with ongoing supply chain shortages, and you might just decide the best time to get that new computer on your gift list is right now — after all, this sale is on for a limited time only.

2020 silver mac mini

Credit: Apple

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