The LARS ULRICH Toilet Is Real, And I Want to Use It

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich gets a lot of guff from metalheads, but the truth is, if it weren’t for Lars, who knows where Metallica and metal as a whole would be today? Probably nowhere near as notable. Still, we can’t help but laugh at this amazing art piece – a one-of-a-kind Lars Ulrich-inspired toilet.

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The plaster-created piece shows a young 80s Lars, with long hair, wearing nothing but a t-shirt emblazed with his name styled in the Metallica logotype and his legs spread wide open, ready to receive your leavings.

The piece was created by Prince Midnight, the same guy who created a guitar out of his uncle’s bones. The guy likes arts and crafts. He promises the toilet will be available for use this weekend at Tampa, Florida’s The Brass Mug.

Would you #1 or #2 in the Lars toilet? Let us know.

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