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 Dear all,

Unfortunately today I was a victim of the imposters that everyday create new accounts pretending to be me in order to scam my Twitter Followers with Bitcoin Schemes. It seems that Twitter suspended my account regarding a ticket that I did on 3th of May with the number 0206531011. Someone on Twitter didn’t realize that was suspending the real one. I’m trying to reach out Twitter support, but as you know, I’m not a politician with power to argue against a private company regarding mistakes, but you can help me by message @twittersupport and reference to my @ACInvestorBlog twitter handle for an appeal. I will not create a new account, because it was an error (I received a message from Twitter tonight regarding a ticket that I made because of a Fake account). PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE FAKE ACCOUNTS.

It’s very sad for a company like Twitter not be able to protect the users from these schemes and put at risk the others that everyday use the platform to communicate.

I will keep doing my job on Stocktwits, Lion forum and Discord till Twitter “fixes” this situation.

Happy Trading day 


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