Twitter Spaces record and replay feature finally rolling out globally

Twitter Spaces record and replay feature finally rolling out globally

Last year, Twitter announced a useful feature for Twitter Spaces: the ability to record and replay Spaces… but so far, it has been available only to a small set of users that were testing it. Now, however, things are changing, and the feature is finally rolling out globally, reports 9to5Mac.

Record and replay a Twitter Space feature now launches globally

The good news was announced by the Twitter Support account. With this new update, all Spaces hosts will have the “Record Space” button in the Twitter app for both iOS and Android. Once you tap on the said button, Twitter will record the entire conversation and thus making it available for anyone who wants to listen to it again later.The feature also allows for users who weren’t able to join a Space when it was going live to still catch up and listen to the conversation.

However, keep in mind that recorded Spaces won’t be available on the platform forever. Conversations are available for 30 days after they have been published, and after that period is gone, the recorded Spaces will be permanently deleted. Understandably, users who want the recorded Space gone before the period of 30 days can as well delete it.

For now, the feature isn’t available on the web, as from the web you can only join a Twitter Space as a listener, and not host one.

Twitter Spaces is the company’s answer to Clubhouse

Last year, there was a sudden spike of interest for the Clubhouse app, an app that allows you to have online audio-only conversations. Twitter Spaces came as a rival to the rising at the time Clubhouse popularity and launched on both Android and iOS in 2021.

Since then, Twitter has been working on keeping the feature relevant and adding new tweaks to enrich the user experience, with the feature we reported above being the latest one officially released by the social media giant.

Other recent changes to Twitter

The ability to record Twitter Spaces isn’t the only new feature the social media platform is getting. It has been steadily working on testing new possibilities and improvements for its Android and iOS apps. The most recent new feature that we reported on earlier is called “Twitter Take”, and it is currently in a testing period, available for select iOS users. This feature allows you to use your camera to add a photo or video reaction when you’re retweeting someone’s post.

The option will appear when retweeting with reaction, which will activate your camera so you can record your video or photo. Then, the recorded media will be displayed on your followers’ timelines, with the tweet in question embedded in the reaction. So far, there is no info on the allowed duration of the video, nor about the global release date of the feature.

The second feature that Twitter has been testing recently is the ability to add a “one-time warning” to posts that you’re publishing that could have sensitive content for some users.

When you upload an image to Twitter, you will be able to click on the three dots, then the little flag on the lower right-hand corner and you will be able to check a box to fit your content. For example, the options for sensitive content are “Nudity”, “Violence”, or just “Sensitive”.

Once you have posted that pic or video, it will appear blurred in the feed of other users, with the warning displayed. Of course, if the users still want to view the Tweet, they will be able to click through the warning.

As you can see, Twitter has not stopped looking for ways to make its platform a more useful, safe, and fun place to be at.

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