Xiaomi India To Offer Self Repair Service Plan Similar To Apple

Xiaomi India has announced a new initiative emphasizing the keyword ‘Care’ in a recent tweet. The tweet also consists of an image that reads ‘Services Simplified’ and an image that has an uncanny resemblance to Nokia’s connecting people logo. With its new initiative, the company plans to provide a seamless after-sales service to its customers. It is expected that the Chinese firm could unveil a self-repair program, similar to what Apple unveiled recently.

What Should You Expect From Xiaomi’s ‘Services Simplified’ Initiative

Xiaomi might offer a self-repair service to its users. If the speculation turns out to be true, it would allow users to simply buy genuine device parts over-the-counter from Xiaomi and fix their devices on their own or via a third-party repair shop. Xiaomi is India’s biggest smartphone brand (by sales volume) and its service centres are usually crowded. This move would allow users a hassle-free experience to get their devices fixed at their convenience. Xiaomi might also sell the parts through its online portal. Also, this move could reduce counterfeit Xiaomi parts that are available in the market.

We have seen some Android manufacturers being influenced by Apple’s questionable strategies, similar to the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack and not bundling chargers inside the box. Folks over at iFixit found out that replacing an iPhone 13’s display with a third-party service disables the Face ID unlock feature. Hence, it was only possible to get the iPhone 13 at Apple’s own service centres, which have access to the company’s proprietary software to sync the serial numbers with the new parts installed. However, thanks to the ‘Right To Repair’ movement, Apple was forced to announce the ‘Self Repair’ program. This service will be available for iPhone 12 series and iPhone 13 series users, starting from 2022 and will be extended to Macs (desktop computers and laptops) at a later stage.

Thankfully, Xiaomi didn’t prevent its devices to be repaired by third-party services and chose to do the right thing here in India. After-sales service is an important factor in every purchase and it is commendable that Xiaomi is working towards improving it even further. The Chinese company will only gain more trust from Indian customers if it brings the ‘Self Repair’ option.

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